Fifteen Tons Of Sugar For Trstenik

Fifteen Tons Of Sugar For Trstenik

It is often said that bees are responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat and honey bees are by far the most important commercial pollinating agents.

The recent floods in Serbia not only devastated homes, vehicles, personal property but also several impacted the farming communities; animals were lost, crops were destroyed and consequently a food shortage. The ravaging floods caused a 98% loss of bees for the beekeeper societies. In order to survive the winter, Sugar is essential for pollination. The growers are concerned if and how they will be able to pollinate the crops.

Through the donations that have come to the Lifeline and a special thanks to St. Simeon Mirotocivi Serbian Orthodox Church, in South Chicago along with their Choir, Sunday School and Folklore donations LLC will have purchased 15 tons of sugar to provide some relief to the Beekeeper Societies in Trstenick and Krupanj.

Each beekeeper was given an equal amount per beehive regardless if they owned 2 or 52 beehives. The presidents of the organizations worked closely with our LLC representatives Gordana Barac , Mira and Zoran Gusic. Gordana reported the gratitude from the societies for the aid, that the donation united them and made them feel they are not alone nor forgotten.

Ten Tons Of Humanitarian Aid Republic Serbian

HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Crown Princess Katherine make today a convoy of ten tons of humanitarian aid Repubic Serbian , which has been affected by the floods.Trucks with aid , including 40 pumping stations , food, water , diapers for babies , in front of the White Palace in escorting the prince and princess , as well as the Director of Sales of Serbian Belgrade Mlađen Cicović . HRH Crown Prince Alexander told reporters that he and HRH Crown Princess Katherine and her foundation with its offices abroad , collected food aid , water and pumping stations, because they know how difficult the situation in the Republic of Serbian .

“In the Republic of Serbian our people , our blood and it is very important to help them ,” said HRH Crown Prince Alexander , announcing that he and HRH Crown Princess Katherine leave next week abroad, where in New York , Chicago , Toronto and London to organize the reception , to get more help for the disadvantaged in Serbian and Serbia . HRH Crown Princess Katherine said that the people of the Republic of Serbian threatened and appealed to all people to follow the example Karadjordjevica and help the affected people , and stressed that it is important that people abroad understand the situation in Serbia and Serbian .

“They should not forget that the Serbian and Serbia , because the situation is urgent and endangered , other than food and water , and should help in restoring the house ,” said Princess Katherine and stressed that the receptions that will be organized abroad to transfer the local media and the public that Serbia and Serbian urgently need help. She added that people in the Republic of Serbian seeking just a normal life , to return to their homes .

“We should seek help In the Bible – search and will give you . Serbs are proud people , but when you need help , you should ask ,” said the Princess Catherine . Director of Sales Serbian Mlađen Cicović said that Serbian thanks the Royal Palace , HRH Crown Prince Alexander and HRH Crown Princess Katherine to help , stating that the humanitarian shipment contains , besides the food , and pumps , which are most needed for flooded in Bijeljina , Doboj , Samac.

“When you have a situation as it is now in the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian induced by this great disaster and when you first arrive to help those who are dearest to you , then surely it dovoljnjno tells us how the Serbian , at the moment , means involvement of the Royal Palace , HRH Crown Princess Katherine and her foundation and prestolonasljenika HRH Crown Prince Alexander” said Cicović .

He added that this was the motive and incentive Serbian Republic to be on the field more engaged , to make their contribution and honor what people of good will to make this point to the Serbian . Cicović has once again called on all people of good will to assist the Republic of Serbian at this point , stating that more than 70 percent of the territory covered by natural disaster , more than 100,000 people shifted from their homes , more than 30.00 buildings have been flooded , and all the farmland in this area is destroyed .

Cicović said it is yet a great deal of renovation and all the help and devised action will help to overcome the situation .