About Us

The New York office of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization, under the patronage of HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, is dedicated to helping all of those in need in Serbia.

Lifeline Humanitarian Organization is an international effort founded in 1993 as an urgent response to the tragic situation in the former Yugoslavia, which was afflicted by conflict and sanctions. HRH Crown Princess Katherine has strived to obtain and channel help through Lifeline and HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation. She has become a unifying factor and someone the people of Serbia can trust.


Our Mission

The New York Office of Lifeline Humanitarian Organization supports the work of HRH Crown Princess Katherine Karadjordjevic of Serbia.

Lifeline was founded by HRH Crown Princess Katherine in order to provide critically needed humanitarian aid to the neediest people of Serbia.

Our goal is to reduce and relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled children, orphans, the elderly as well as to improve medical facilities in the country.


Our Values

We believe in treating everyone in need of our assistance with dignity and respect, affirming the principles of honesty, integrity and good faith.


Our Vision

We will make a positive difference in peoples’ lives through our humanitarian work. We will be the lifetime partners of the people of Serbia in promoting health, wellness, and stability.