02 Apr 2024

The HRH Crown Princess Katherine Foundation and Lifeline Humanitarian Organization of Chicago, which is under the Patronage of Her Royal Highness, continue their support of The Spomenak Orphanage in Pancevo, Serbia, by providing the Orphanage with equipment and furniture for a new Karaoke Room.

This contribution goes beyond entertainment as its intended purpose is to benefit the children with respect to their overall learning and development. As experts agree, the positive aspects of engaging in karaoke are numerous and range from the enhancement of many skills, to increased learning, to confidence-building.

Children tend to learn quickly through singing. Singing songs they are unfamiliar with can help a child learn new words, their meanings, and correct pronunciations, which directly leads to improved reading skills.  In addition, engaging in karaoke improves social skills and builds self-confidence and self-esteem.  The children will gradually lose their fear of public performance (and, thus, public speaking) and will gain new friendships through both empathy and encouragement. Engaging in karaoke also helps to develop intercultural and interactive communication skills, while improving concentration and memory.

This great contribution was made possible by the generosity of Dr. Nikola and Mrs. Tatjana Nenadovich, who sponsored two very well-organized and well-attended humanitarian concerts in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses to benefit Lifeline Chicago.  Both concerts starred the internationally renowned Serbian violinist, Stefan Milenkovic, and the Camerata Chicago Chamber Orchestra, and were held in Chicago, Illinois, and Wheaton, Illinois (United States). This impressive donation consisted of a set of karaoke machines, two microphones, a television, two round tables with nine chairs, a sofa, two armchairs, a chest of drawers, a computer, a computer desk, and five pieces of wall-art printed on canvas. 

“My husband and I are thankful to Dr. Nikola and Mrs. Tatjana Nenadovich and Lifeline Chicago for their generosity and support in completing this important project benefiting children without parental care. I am very happy because this donation will bring our children much good. Music is a way for children of all ages to express themselves. While playing, singing, and dancing, they are also learning and improving skills, which will be so important for their future. We will always be here to support children, showing them that we love them and care for them,” said HRH Crown Princess Katherine.

Vladimir Stevanovski, the Principal of The Spomenak Orphanage in Pancevo, expressed his gratitude to Her Royal Highness, Lifeline Chicago, Dr. Nikola and Mrs. Tatjana Nenadovich, and The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation saying: “We are separated by thousands of miles, but that is only a physical distance. Our hearts are close, they belong to each other. Words are weak, insufficient. We cannot express enough how much you mean to us; how much we respect and love you for being here all these years. That you are there with us and for us, that you help us to get out of this not so easy period of our lives. Your help is not only in the beautiful things that you make possible for us. We feel your soul, your hands that are around us. Your care and do everything you can to make our lives better.

On behalf of our children, on behalf of the collective and on my own behalf, I once again express our deepest respect and gratitude.”